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Bass Boosted avee player template for edm lovers

New Edm avee player template download link 2020

edm avee player template

Hello guys this time I'm going to share the awesome avee player template for you

to download this edm avee player template follow the steps to start downloading

Template demo :


What is the Avee Player template?

This audio player has great deal for adjustment flexibility. Therefore, users seek to modify it. That is the reason behind the popularity of the Avee Player template package.

Avee Music Player Template is a preset that can be added to audio files. You can adjust it after adding it. However, if we download the template, we must make fewer adjustments

Features of This templates :

  • all templates in viz format 
  • Customizable audio visualizers.
  • Export visualizer as an HD video file.
  • Easily Change color,logo,background
  • Already loaded all assets,background,setting.

Download this awesome  avee player visualizer 
 from the below link🔗

After download the template ??  

  • After successfully downloading the template, import it into avee music player pro.
  • If you want to download avee player pro version click here
  • Then click on the edit icon to change the background image, logo you can also customize the colors and behavior but it work only in pro version of avee player
  • this audio visualizer has got a lot of customization will very helpful for beginner's to create there own dj video's in avee player

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